First open-air painting contest in Puerto del Rosario

An honor to win the third prize

First open-air painting contest in Puerto del Rosario. It was a wonderful day, under a sometimes too hot sun.

The theme: corners of the capital Majorera.

Climbing on the podium, with a watercolor, has been wonderful.

Solo Exhibition in Italy

In the intense program of the artistic residence also a Solo Exhibition.



AUGUST 2022 – “After FabrianoInAcquarello”

From the end of July to August 21: possibility of workshops, plein air, meetings at the Castle of Genga.

– From August 7 to 20 – ARTIST RESIDENCE and SOLO exhibitions in Genga
The hosted artists are:
Luciano Colucci – Artist and Leader of FabrianoInAcquarello Canary Islands
Giovanna D’Aubert – Artist from the Canary Islands
Salvo Nero – Italian artist

– From 9 to 20 August
we will do frequent plein air and pictorial activity in the territories of the Montana union: Pierosara, the River and the Abbey of Frasassi, Genga, Fabriano, the Abbeys of the Frati Bianchi and Valdicastro, Precicchie, the Verdicchio vineyards, the Copertelle of Serra San Quirico, – all watercolorist friends, or those interested in joining in traveling painting are welcome (even beginners) – send a WhatsApp message to 3483890843 and we will insert you in the group with whom we exchange information about everyday program …

– August 9
18:30 – Museum of Genga “Art, history and territory”: inauguration of the solo exhibition of Luciano Colucci and Salvo Nero

– August 12
18:00 pm – piazza del Castello di Genga: lecture by Jacopo Angelini on Monasticism and the ancient peoples of our territory, by Università del Camminare, with Lo Spirito e La Terra

21:30 pm – Piazza del Castello di Genga: video from the digital exhibitions by FabrianoInAcquarello and Gong Concert by Giovanni Del Savio.

– 13 August
17:00 / 19:00 – piazza del Castello di Genga: workshop with Luciano Colucci (free)

– August 16
21:30 pm – Museum of Genga “Art, history and territory”: performance by Luciano Colucci and Salvo Nero

– August 18
17:00 / 19:00 – piazza del Castello di Genga: workshop with Salvo Nero (free)


The program is curated by InArte, FabrianoInAcquarello and International Watercolor Museum in cooperation with Giovanni Del Savio, Municipality of Genga, Association La Pietra di Genga, Proloco of Genga, Museum of Art, History and Territory, Association La Genga. With the free patronage of the Ministry of Culture, the Marche Region and the City of Fabriano

Artistic Residency – FabrianoInAcquarello

I am lucky because I will participate in a wonderful Artistic Residence that will take place in Italy in the Marche Region, together with other artists. A unique opportunity to know wonderful places, paint them, discuss about art, share it, make new friends and strengthen existing ones. An opportunity for artistic and personal growth.

I thank all those who are behind the organization of this artistic residence, in particular the association InArte

and in my case for technical support by Royal Talens e



I invite you to read the whole program:

International Biennial “Fabriano Acquerello 2022”

I am very happy because on Saturday 16th July the exhibition was inaugurated

International Biennial “Fabriano Acquerello 2022” in which I participate with great artists internationally with my work “Tucano

The jury composed of exceptional artists to decreed the winners so:

Joseph Zbukvic – First Prize
Boonkwang Noncharoen – Second Prize
Ian Grant – Third Prize

Watch the video:

MARINAS in La Palma

I am very happy that the collective exhibition on the Sea has become itinerant and now for two months will be exposed

in the island of La Palma with the title “Marinas” at the Casa Roja of Villa de Mazo

The Carnival in Tenerife

What a pleasure to have been able to participate with my work “Doble Cara”, together with many other excellent Canarian artists at the collective exhibition

“Mi Carnaval Chicharrero”

held in the Exhibition Halls of the Recova in Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Collective Exhibition “El Mar”

Happy to participate in the collective exhibition ” El Mar “

in the exhibition hall of the Circulo de Amistad XII de Enero in Santa Cruz de Tenerife