“Always looking for Creativity!

Always in Search of Beauty!

I need a continuous search,

I cannot fossilize myself expressing myself through a single style that concerns the art that I love most,

The Magic Art of Watercolor.

I need to experiment, to go beyond, to force my knowledge, my attitudes, my knowledge.

Art is a universal language, The art of watercolor is even the fastest.

The Dialogue with the watercolor can unite people of completely different cultures from countries that are also very far away.

Through a demonstration, it is not necessary to use the spoken language, nor that of the signs, gestures and color are enough to express WHO WE ARE!

This sharing is what enriches me.

These are the experiences I seek in order to grow, which help me to experience, to seek beauty.

This is the eclecticism that pervades me.

This is ELSINISMO! “

quote. Elsì L.C.