The new Futurism

I’ll show you one of my last paintings from last year.
I participated in the selection for the 155 annual exhibition
of the AWS (American Watercolor Society) but without result.
Until the final communication by the association, I wanted my work to remain unpublished.
Now I can show it with pride.
Yes! Because behind it there is an idea, a concept, an intense study.
My Idea of New Futurism, that fantastic Study of Movement,
the Idea of representing as an apparently equal form
is conceived differently in Space/Time.
I present the first painting in a long series:



Interview with Radio Insular in the Mercado Agro_Artesanal

For several months each Sunday I participate as a creative artist with my works, at the Mercado Agro-Artesanal de Fuerteventura en la Lajita, a unique space, dynamic, familiar and welcoming. A market that has always impulsa the products and producers agro-craft of excellence present on the island. Yesterday was present Radio Insular. They gave me an interview, very pleasant, cheerful and dynamic. Where we gave space to Art, since in addition to talking about my great passion for watercolor, I wanted to make a demonstration live, with a quick and concrete exercise.

It was also very interesting that they have dedicated a small space to promote what I am doing right now, enticing watercolourists from Fuerteventura and the Canary Islands to participate in an International Watercolorist Event, from the name Fabrianoinacquarello, that can help us artists canari to a profitable multi-ethnic cultural interchange.

So a special THANK YOU to Radio Insular and in particular to Guacimara Cabrera and her team, for making all this possible.

Canary Islands SELECTION for Fabrianoinacquarello

As Leader of Fabrianoinacquarello I am looking for artists Canari Watercolors who want to participate in the selection.

if you want to read the rules follow this link:

if you do not know Fabrianoinacquarello and you are curious to know something more, follow this link:

If you need help to enter the platform and register, or for any questions contact me I will be happy to help you.


I will be the LEADER for the Canary Islands for the next edition of Fabrianoinacquarello 2022

A Magnificent Achievement!

A great emotion and a great responsibility

have the honour of representing a magnificent Community such as the Canary Islands.

My aim is to make known the artists of the archipelago and the unmistakable CANARIEDAD that distinguishes us.


My first painting competition in Spain

Last Saturday 13 November I participated for the first time in Spain in a contest of rapid painting en plein air.

The “Mar de Velas” competition was held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

This year, among other things, there was also an award dedicated to the centenary of the death of the Canary poet Tomás Morales, for which if you wanted you could present a work in A3 format strictly and only in black and white.

Fantastic experience, the cultural environment that you can breathe during these events is unique, I also met fantastic people including the compañeras and compañeros of the Canary Watercolor Association of which I am part in addition to the president.

Thanks to everyone and especially to my wife who always accompanies me in these beautiful adventures.

Demo Live in FabrianoInAcquarello

I feel very lucky to have participated in the event Fabrianoinacquarello. I am very happy with the result of my demo live. As well as positive reviews that I received and that I continue to receive.


Here you will find the link to the live demo on Youtube

Live in FabrianoInAcquarello

For me it is an honor to be able to participate with a live at the great event Fabrianoinacquarello.
I sincerely thank Anna Massinissa for inviting me

so I wait day 30 May from 23:00 Italian hours on youtube channel: