The new Futurism

I’ll show you one of my last paintings from last year.
I participated in the selection for the 155 annual exhibition
of the AWS (American Watercolor Society) but without result.
Until the final communication by the association, I wanted my work to remain unpublished.
Now I can show it with pride.
Yes! Because behind it there is an idea, a concept, an intense study.
My Idea of New Futurism, that fantastic Study of Movement,
the Idea of representing as an apparently equal form
is conceived differently in Space/Time.
I present the first painting in a long series:




I call myself a Curious and Creative Person.

I don’t like to stay in the comfort zone

I took a year off to find myself.

I wanted to focus on my IO.

I have abandoned certainties to open myself to something new and unexpected.

I changed my life, I changed my country.

The pursuit of happiness never ends.

It’s not a race.

But the awareness of being able to appreciate the little things that life offers you day after day.

Am I happy now?

Now I am SERENE and I live many HAPPY MOMENTS!

I love life for everything it offers me and I am ready to accept everything it offers me.

You have to have a positive and optimistic attitude, be curious, and open to new things.

I love so many things, I’m fascinated by what I consider beautiful.

Beauty makes me happy, and Beauty is everywhere.




” Me he tomado un periodo sabatico.

Un periodo para hacer experimentos y pruebas.

Un periodo de Pintura Libre.

Empecé hace dias y no tengo una fecha de caducidad.

Hasta Pronto!


I took a sabbatical period.

A time to do experiments and tries.

A free painting period.

I started days ago and I do not have an expiration date.

See you soon! “

cit. Elsì

I LOVE MADONIE – Watercolor Plein Air tour

This Spring is dedicated to the discovery of Sicilian Beauties.

I LOVE MADONIE, Watercolor Plein Air Tour,

wants to be a promotional tour of the Madonie Park,

through watercolour painting.

Watercolour is an art of great international appeal,

and its promotion, through the international channels of social media and the web in general,

wants to make known this beautiful area of Italy,

because the Territory Madonita is so fascinating that everyone should taste its BEAUTY!


“Always looking for Creativity!

Always in Search of Beauty!

I need a continuous search,

I cannot fossilize myself expressing myself through a single style that concerns the art that I love most,

The Magic Art of Watercolor.

I need to experiment, to go beyond, to force my knowledge, my attitudes, my knowledge.

Art is a universal language, The art of watercolor is even the fastest.

The Dialogue with the watercolor can unite people of completely different cultures from countries that are also very far away.

Through a demonstration, it is not necessary to use the spoken language, nor that of the signs, gestures and color are enough to express WHO WE ARE!

This sharing is what enriches me.

These are the experiences I seek in order to grow, which help me to experience, to seek beauty.

This is the eclecticism that pervades me.

This is ELSINISMO! “

quote. Elsì L.C.