Way Home!

You always have to go back to the origins sooner or later. I do it! In July I will exhibit in Grottaglie at Casa Vestita from 11 to 19 July. A beautiful location, which fully represents the Mediterranean, the ideal place to expose my paintings.


Elsí selected for the Giotto Maimeri Prize

Elsí among the 15 artists selected throughout Sicily for the painting section for the first edition of the Giotto Maimeri Prize for the Sicily Region. The Foundation Maimeri and Arteventi by Stefania Morici with the patronage of the City of Palermo establish, for the first year, a regional prize for painting, called the ‘Giotto Maimeri’ Award aimed at promoting and enhancing contemporary art and education in art and color within the entire educational path undertaken by young people. The Prize, valid exclusively for the territory of the Region of Sicily, is addressed to all citizens resident in the Sicilian territory, without limits of age, gender or other qualification. The prize will have as its theme ‘The Colors of the Mediterranean’ and will be divided into five sections and precisely: Elementary Schools, Secondary Schools, Art Schools, Academies of Fine Arts, Professional Artists and not (without age limits). Giotto and Maimeri, two historical Italian companies, for the first time, join, therefore, with the same intent: to offer every artist, young or adult, a valid opportunity for visibility and work stimulating the creation and production of the works, so that the Italian and international artistic activity continues with the same intensity, the same value and the same passion witnessed so far by the heritage left to us by the great masters of the past. For each category will be selected 15 works, plus additional 15 works for the ‘City of Palermo’ Award dedicated to drawing and engraving, for a total of 90 works. The 90 selected works will be exhibited for a month in an institutional center of the City of Palermo. During the opening of the collective exhibition of the 90 selected artists that will be held Friday, June 5 at 10 am at Villa Niscemi, the winners will be chosen and awarded the following prizes: Giotto Maimeri Prize, Award ‘City of Palermo’, Award ‘La Rinascente’.

Elsí – London Exhibit


25th-30th may 2015 – 10:30 am / 6:30 pm

30 Royal Opera Arcade, London SW1Y 4UY

Every land nourishes its culture, its art. Italy knows how to feed with passion, not only in its land but all over the world, as if it were a mission. The Italian mission of Sangiorgio Investimenti d’Arte arrives in London, with an exhibition of 16 contemporary artists. Exhibit – The contemporary Italian art will be inaugurated on 26 May 2015 at 18.00 and will be open until 30 May 2015 in the gallery Pall Mall.

Twenty-five works that cross the Italian art from the abstractionism of Maria Cristina Conti to the metaphysics of Ciro Palumbo, from the irony of Silvano D’Orsi to the light of the South painted by Michele La Sala, from the chipped canvases of Salvo Coglitori to the sculptures of Michele Pinto, to the New York landscapes of Roberto Guadalupi. And then Mica Barbot with his Brazilian memories, Luciana Bianco and her female figures, the creative impetus of Campey (stage name of Ester Campese), Elsì (stage name of Luciano Colucci) and his southern landscapes, the Liberty style of Antonietta Losito, the modern epic by Antonio Mazzetti, the bucolic snapshots by Manuela Moschini, the plastic expressiveness of the works of Franco Paletta, the coloristic sensitivity of Rosita Sfischio and the centrality of man revisited by Laura Zeni. Will be on display the work of Stefano Puleo exhibited at the UN headquarters in New York on the occasion of the event “Human Contrasts”.

To host the Italian art, the gallery Pall Mall. In the heart of London’s art world, just a stone’s throw from Sotheby’s, Christie’s and the National Gallery.


Elsí – Return to Rome

After five years of absence, Elsí returned to the Eternal City to exhibit at the Sala del Bramante in Piazza del Popolo from 19 to 29 May 2015. You will join numerous.


Elsí – Trip to Barcelona

Back from Barcelona aware of having exhibited in a CONTEMPORARY AND BEAUTIFUL CITY. The event was a great success, the location very nice. I returned to Italy satisfied and happy. I met new artists also international. I also got to know Josè Van Roy Dalì friendly and jovial.

Coming soon – Elsí in London

Fifteen Italian Artists exhibit in London at the 3Space2 Gallery from 21 to 30 April 2015

They come from the most diverse geographical areas of Italy and represent examples of the quality of figurative art in our country; there are fifteen artists presented that from Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 18 will give life to the exhibition “Profiles of Art” at the 3Space2 Gallery in London, 16 – 18 Heneage Street, London in the Brick Lane district.