Elsí Luciano Colucci returns to Spain

I am Honored and Happy to be the only Italian artist to be selected for the

First Watercolor Festival of IWS (International Watercolor Society) Spain,

that will be celebrated in the city of Ubeda, World Heritage Site

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2016 The year begins in Central Italy

I scored in Fabriano!

A real joy to have known Fabriano and his people, the joy of having shared the great passion of watercolor with really good artists. The sympathy of Vladimir Khasiev, the humility of Massimiliano Iocco, the oratory art of Igor Sava, The know-how of Anna Massinissa (surprising), the genuineness of her husband Vincenzo. The acquaintance of new friends like Claudio Castiglioni, Massimo Ciavarella and Fausto Sutera, the resentment with friends and artists of my native land Igli Arapi and Nicola Martino.

Going to Fabriano gave me the opportunity to open my mind to new opportunities, listen to others, see the art of watercolor from a hundred different points of view, grasp its essence and grow individually.

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I am a creative!

I’m proud of how I show my creativity. I show it in different ways, but I certainly do better through watercolors.

Being a Watercolourist Is Beautiful!

Being able to express your ideas, telling your self is what I can do with a brush, color and a little water.

The drawing of color is the most exciting part of a watercolor painting.

Start to see a work grow, give life to a blank sheet of paper.

I love watercolors because they give brightness,

because we must dare,

because it is a technique with a light and silent brush stroke.

Watercolor is an extraordinary and very difficult technique.

The Technique with Infinite Shades Colors!


Plein Air

The experience of painting en plein air in a group is unique and you have to try it and repeat it. Dialogue and sharing is important and fulfilling.


The month of July was really challenging in the exhibition between Puglia and Sicily. The first: The National Exhibition “Le vie dei Colori” at Casa Vestita in Grottaglie (TA) The second: “Acqua Fonte di Creatività” a collective exhibition at the same time between Altofonte (PA) at Palazzo Ruggeriano and Monreale (PA) at the Galleria Civica Sciortino.